Saturday, August 19, 2006

LiveWriter-OnScreen Help

Use any of the links below to view a specific help topic:

  • Download and Installation
  • Blog image from file or web
  • Screen snips on flickr
  • Screen Snip editor: How-to
  • Snip and blog: How-to
  • Yes you need a flickr account
  • Built-in Feeds viewer


    The main screen. LiveWriter-OnScreen runs in normal mode (as shown below) and tray mode (minimized to the system tray). image


     Click on the little camera icon to snip your screen.



    After you clip your screen the Screen snip editor is displayed as below.

    view large size

    You can then :

    • upload to flickr, and then insert the screen snip in a writer post
    • insert the screen snip in a writer post (the snip is saved locally)
    • save the screen snip
    • print the screen snip
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