Friday, August 18, 2006

Live Writer Onscreen -now live


Live Writer Onscreen -now live


This is another test.

Beta 1 is available, we have a feed too.


I have been using LW-Onscreen since Tuesday when all the features that I had initially envisioned were ready. Like everyone else I learnt about Live Writer on Sunday from techcrunching Michael Arrington. I am pretty impressed with Live Writer as a blogging tool but even more impressed with the SDK. Its very well done. Simple and easy to use. So far it has exceeded my expectations.

I am going to run the beta all weekend to test the quality of the default user experiences and then see where we go from there. Feel free to post comments, ask questions or request features in my comments area.


The Live Writer SDK in a nutshell

It has 23 types, 5 enumerations and 2 delegates.

They also provide "a number of helper classes for assistance with common plugin development tasks"

The SDK is broken down into 2 sub frameworks. One for working with the application (Live Writer) and another for extending the application, the plugin framework.

  • Application API for launching Writer to create new posts or "Blog This" for Links, Snippets, Images, and Feed Items.

  • Content Source Plugins for extending the capabilities of Writer to insert, edit, and publish new types of content.

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